I started cutting hair in 2007 as a coping mechanism. with a passion to serve and help people, it was a win/win!!!

My favorite part about this career path is and always will be the conversations I have with people, learning and sharing with them on a daily basis.

I am experienced in urban hairstyles with old school traditional barber techniques! (Professional with PIZZAZZ!!!)


Getting to know Gio

What's your favorite food?

Im a bear so im going to prep for hibernation lol Pastelon/alcapurria/sopes/bandeja paisa and authentic asian food.

What's your favorite music album of all time?

I am an admirer of all things art and music is my first love so this question rips my heart open.

Whats your favorite movie?

I love action drama and martial arts films but, "the raid" "ong bak" "barrio district B13" and the first "fast and furious" "biker boys" (after all i am a biker boy) .

Whats your favorite haircut/style to do?  

mClipper to shear transitions, hot towel shaves (im passionate about the art of razors and shears), blow outs, comb overs, fades, designs...

How many languages do you speak?

Fluently English, Spanish (all pig latin origin languages) Spanglish, Ebonix lol... Communicable Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, well i guess linguistics is my expertise.