- What's your Favorite food? Im a bear so im going to prep for hibernation lol Pastelon/alcapurria/sopes/bandeja paisa and authentic asian food.

- What's your Favorite music album of all time?

I am an admirer of all things art and music is my first love so this question rips my heart open.

-Whats your Favorite movie? I love action drama and martial arts films but, "the raid" "ong bak" "barrio district B13" and the first "fast and furious" "biker boys" (after all i am a biker boy) .

-Whats your Favorite haircut/style to do? mClipper to shear transitions, hot towel shaves (im passionate about the art of razors and shears), blow outs, comb overs, fades, designs...

-How many languages do you speak? Fluently English, Spanish (all pig latin origin languages) Spanglish, Ebonix lol.. Communicable Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, well i guess linguistics is my expertise.